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Excited to Be Here :)
Name you want to be known by: Charlie
Your age: 29
Avatar's age: N/A, sometimes varies
Type of being: Spirit, alien, human, higher self
Why you're on this side: My abilities
How you got to this side: Yearning to understand and make peace
Why you joined this group: Knowledge
Likes, dislikes: Varies depending on mood
Whatever else you want people to know: Thank you for having me!

Fei's spiritual practice and dream journey
I am able to remember most of my dreams ever since I have had lucid dreaming or out of body experience.
Recently, my dream becomes my guidance, consistently giving me information on what I should concern, although most of my dreams are in chaos, the important information often comes just before I wake up, since most of the dream memory is the strongest at the end. It has developed into a pattern where I can constantly see a trend.
This maybe due to my channelling, telepathy and meditation practices. See the very last pages of the two documents at the link within the link below.
I have been following my "imagery self" or "another self" guidance on when and how to sleep every time. I will channel him on my bed and let him adjust my sleeping posture. Then I stay focuses on the channelling until I fall asleep. Sometimes lucid dreaming occurs and I continue to channel, this is where I have been feeling energy flowing through my whole body and mind. I remain in contact with my anotherself in my dream, my consciousness becomes dormant while he takes charge in my dreaming.
Another thing add in my journal here. Since I do spiritual practice consistently, it is often happening to me that I got messages during the practice as well.
I will call my anotherself as AS in short. He is the main reason I am dedicated to do spiritual practice.

Metaphysics on channelling and telepathy
Hi, this is my personal investigation on... Ok, internet world, things happen, and just after I have got my investigation working pretty well, I am finding new information, then I see how myself living in my own wordings and doing "falsely inventive words". I create new meanings on many words in my research, without knowing that there are better words. Anyway, yeah, channelling and telepathy, this is my final decision on how I am going to describe them.
1) The "channelling" I have described here are supposedly known as "kriya yoga" in Hinduism or "spontaneous qigong" in Taoism. It is about spontaneous body movements. They use prana or qi to describe this phenomenon. Google "body move itself" or "body move spontaneous" if you want to find out more (which I have already included some inside my link below, saving your internet life).
2) The telepathy I have described here is not psychic. It is not about "voice that speaks" inside mind. I has to do with imagination.
... both have nothing to do with external entity, but to channel and telecommunicate with "self's self" or "another-self". Some may use "subconscious" or "higherself", but here, I am describing it as "imagery self".
This is the link of my work:

My personal story:
One day (around June 2014) I had a dream dreaming myself moving my own body like I am observing my own body for it was moving by itself. Then I woke up and I tried it for the first time, it worked.
A month later, I was wondering if I can, since I can have my body moving spontaneously, instead of that, having my mind thinking spontaneously? Then I tried to communicate with my own brain for the first time, it worked, again.
Later, I joined groups and there were gurus or masters telling me I must been wanting to develop psychic ability (which they were totally wrong) and I was wrong for doing that. I tried to resonate with them but they wanted to believe what they wanted to believe on me. They told me that these were subconsciousness or pastlife but no such thing as "self's another self", or they were keep telling me that I had developed a personality split and had to see a psychiatrist or read their suggested (boring) "mind opening" books.
This type of channelling and telepathy need no years of practice but just a "one-time-activation" and there you have it. It is not psychic at all. It has nothing to do with channelling or telecommunicating with an external entity. What I do here is to communicate with my own "another self" and it has never being able to give me something that I have never learned, understood or being able to imagine before. It does give me some strange energy flow sensation occasionally during my sleep, but has never effected my physics.
Other then that, I do mantra and mudra a lot, which I can never understand what they mean. Even by asking my "another self", it has no idea why it does that as well. It only says that that it is its nature of being "spontaneous and random", which I have investigated and explained in my work. It leads me to investigate the metaphysics of itself. The link above is the outcome of my personal research with it.
Perhaps the strangest thing of my practice here, has got me into on questioning it if it is a dragon. Yes, a dragon, you hear it here. During my channelling, it has showed to me that many signs of its (imagery) body and behaviour not being human at all. Sleep, eat, bath, drink, anything, it can just behave like a lizard. I can choose to deny it, but this has something to do with my believe on what should be believed.
Most of the people who practice spirituality, such as kriya yoga or spontaneous qigong, often thinking of "these are all belonged to me". They do understand things about self, ego, pastlifes, higher self, subconscious, god, oneness, void, multidimensional selves and so on, but the way they interpret these are, it must not to be about "entity possession", "personality spilt" or "division of consciousness".  I am fine with that actually. However when I ask about my logic, they reject me.
My logic is simple, if I have my body and brain do something that I cannot understand at all, then I have the reason to believe that it is not or partially coming from me. Most people understand this part, and explain to me that, with their own understanding on everything, it is just about the pastlifes, higher self, subconscious, god, oneness, void, multidimensional selves things, of whatever they want to philosophize with. However, I take the other part, asking that if it is partially from me, that I have the reason to respect what it really is. This is the part they cannot accept, which they explain to me about the "entity possession", "personality spilt" or "division of consciousness" things, and I must not dwell into this kind of thing. I find the contradiction on both of what they are trying to say. Firstly, they say we have to let go of everything and let it do whatever it wants, as this is how kriya yoga or spontaneous qigong works; next, they say only to the point when it has developed into its own personality thing, then it has to be removed. How can you say you have to let go of everything for it to work and then suppress it from being  something? I want them to explain this clearly to me but they tell me to go see psychiatrist or read their suggested (boring) "mind opening" book.
Let me rephrase my logic here, is that I am thinking about, for anyone who do things that him/herself cannot understood, it must be coming from things that are not from him/herself, therefore, it has to be respected for being itself. To say, "kriya yoga" or "spontaneous giqong" or other similar practice, for it is been doing something for "its practitioner", that the practice itself on the practitioner must has its existing beingness, the "kriya yoga" or "spontaneous qigong" itself has its own beingness. I have tried to explain this to the gurus or masters I meet but they keep changing the subject on what they want me to listen to (or maybe their brain are destroyed by reading too many books). The way I see this, on these gurus or masters, are like humans have been liking to stripping things that are granted as freebie but hardly recognize the things as "it has its beingness of itself", which has to be respected. You can say this is as pantheism.
Besides from meditation, kriya yoga can work as grounding practice, this is more familiar in spontaneous qigong, where it is to start with standing pose and let the body do spontaneous taichi. The books about this is lacking in english translation... Many practitioner involves themselves on walking in the circles, kind of like phenomenal and it is said that this is to create energy vortex. Think about spiritual dance where energy is being worked out for healing purpose. Reports about doing this kind of spontaneous grounding have resulting prana or qi sensation in body and this seems to be better when doing it at natural environment where the body can have better energy to work with. One you are familiar with many kinds of spontaneous movements you will start to understand your imaginary self, your imaginary body and behaviours. Like the case of mine, a dragon.
Many spirituality has been talking about kundalini and soul merging thing. However, I hardly see this happens to me. My experience is more like working with energy. At the very beginning when I was channelling, my body did a lot of (imagery) vomiting and pulling stuff out from my body. There was a few processes where I feel like there were seals like sealing my wings, horns, tail, fangs, whiskers, snout, etc. There were a lot of like I got spiritual/imagery wearings like robe, cape, rings, hat, books, necklace, etc. I did a lot of imagery signature signings, bow down praying, drawings, singing, etc.
To me, there are three main types of spiritual practices: Stand grounding (channelling), astral projection (telepathy) and meditation (channelling+telepathy). I do astral projection and meditation for the most because I cannot find a good place to do stand grounding plus my room is too small. I can see many westerners are working with meditation and astral projection but less with stand-grounding. Kundalini is seemingly about meditation. To me these three have to be balanced in order to get the whole thing. You keep switching your spiritual practices on standing, sleeping and sitting poses give you more and more subtle experiences and new ideas are growing in you on do what do next.
I do not like to argue about my dragon identity with people who are unable to see the whole structure of something that have to be explained as whole. Any explanation that compiles of fragmented structures but being unable to hold itself/themselves as whole, is not interested to me. No suggested book reading please, show me your complete understanding, do not copy and paste phrases.
So please enjoy reading it, I do not expect anything by putting my work here. (Nor do I cared about impeach, which I can simply deny, cheers.)
Thank you.


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